The dynamic role of the ICT leader in schools.

I have been an educator for more than 20 years now and more than 10 of them as an ICT educator. Each year brings with it a new series of challenges that make or break you and the faculty. But as an ICT leader at the Campus brings a fantastically dynamic range to the role.


It’s not really outside pressure to innovate – it’s more internal as you can see the difference that you have made to the staff member or students. That is pressure but it is a type of pressure that let’s innovation thrive.


You also have internal pressure to be up to date with the latest version of everything as you will need to field questions regarding computers, phones, apps, tablets and Software. You don’t want to let a colleague fail with dud information so you stay informed. And that takes time. Time to research and discover. Time to scroll through your Twitter feed to grab a snippet to tell the class and watch it catch on like wildfire.


Or maybe you show an app on the screen beam that resonates with a large number of staff and then they run with it in the classroom.
That is a great feeling that you helped start that.


Does every piece of innovation need to affect the whole school? Of course not. Positive effects start with a smile of satisfaction from one student. And can lead to your own smile when you see the positive influence you have made.
It is an enviable position to be in but it is hard to achieve and harder to maintain. But worth every second.


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